Our Eco-friendly Programs

At Acorn, liveability has as much to do with style as sustainability. We’re firm believers in the importance of eco-conscious practices and the positive impact they can have on a home and the planet. From the choice of building materials to our commitment of constructing only Energy Star Certified Homes, we’re dedicated to GREEN principles – and providing our homebuyers with every option to make your new home more liveable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Green Plus by Acorn

Green Plus by Acorn can improve your home’s efficiency even further. An optional program of smart, cost-saving solutions, it includes the installation of enhanced wall insulation, a premium energy-efficient furnace, an energy- and water-conserving water heater, and other high-efficiency/high-tech ideas all designed to make a home more comfortable and ecoconscious. The decision to add any of these GREEN options to your new home can be discussed during your consultation at the Design Studio.

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Net-Zero Ready Homes

Net-Zero Ready homes – or homes that reduce energy consumption to a minimum and are designed to accommodate a renewable energy source – are envisioned to be Canada’s energy-efficient standard in building codes by 2030, with initial changes coming as early as 2020. With Acorn, you can begin designing the house of tomorrow today. Net-Zero Ready homes build toward the goal of being virtually energy sufficient with air-tight construction, double-insulated walls and triple-paned windows to prevent heat loss and lower energy consumption costs, and a range of systems that improve the performance of a home while making it healthier, quieter, more comfortable and durable. It’s a forward-thinking plan to conserve energy, reduce your environmental footprint and, ultimately, make life indoors and out better now and for the future.