The Acorn Experience

For decades, Acorn has built a reputation for fine premium homes. As a boutique builder, we are recognized throughout the Greater Toronto Area for creating distinct communities in desirable neighbourhoods – and for our commitment to quality over quantity.

Acorn by Design

There’s a very good reason we choose quality over quantity. It is our belief that when you spend the extra time and care, you ensure a home is built with integrity. Architecturally elegant, meticulously constructed, at Acorn we are known for our uncompromising standards and craftsmanship, and our trademark attention to finishes and details.

Our philosophy of taking time and care extends to our homebuyers. We’re dedicated to investing the time to ensure your new home is designed to suit your needs and your style of living, because we know choosing a home is as much about where you want to live as how you want to live.

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